Marcia Allen

The inspiration for Scientist Solutions came from two places:  Seeing the power of ebay many years ago to connect people:  What one person sees as trash is treasure to someone else.   While working with Southern BioTech I saw scientists struggling every day to find antibodies.  Back then producing a monoclonal antibody was a 9 month process and the result wasn't guaranteed.  I saw my boss, Charles Lichtman, the CEO connecting scientists from one lab to another to share antibodies.  With the reemergence of the Internet I felt there needed to be a hub for scientists to connect and share information, problem solve and even collaborate.  One scientist in China sharing an antibody from his or her freezer with a scientist in California potentially saves several months in an experiment.  If we improve efficiencies throughout all aspects of research, we can accelerate life science, finding cures years earlier.

When you utilize this site, you exemplify our mission of scientists helping other scientists and you advance life science. Help us connect every scientist in the world and together we can change the world.

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