Protease required!!!!

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Protease required!!!!

Dear Scientists and colleagues,

Im looking for a protease (every host is welcome) which cleaves specific at the N-terminus of its protease cleavage site, resulting in no additional amino acid residue (aa) at the C-terminus of target after cleavage (P1` site is the first aa of cleavage site and P1 is final C- terminal aa of target protein(...P3P2P1/P1P2P3...)).
Has anyone an idea where such protease is available, or does anyone know a host (vegetable, viral, mammalian or bacterial origin) producing such protease with this feature?

Thanks for your collaboration and for your efforts,
Best, MK.

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Hello, I have heard of Lys-N

Hello, I have heard of Lys-N It was recently published in a paper Nature Methods May 2008 Vol 5 No 5 One of the Authors was Shabaz Mohammed.

As far as the availability of Lys-N I think you can only get it from Japan

Protea BioSciences carries a wide selection of different Proteases

Hope this helps,


R Bishop
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Lys-N is also known as

Lys-N is also known as Armillaria mellea neutral proteinase or Peptidyl-Lys metalloendopeptidase from Grifola frondosa and can be obtained from Seikagaku Corp in Japan. They sell in the US through Cape Cod Associates.

Good luck


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I can not get the catalog

I can not get the catalog number of Lys-N, please send me a detailed infromation about Lys-N in Seikagaku, thanks very much! My email address is

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I had a hard time finding Lys-N again as well.Cape Cod no longer carries it.
Lys-C from sigma is here though and might help if you are looking to cleave next to lysines.

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I can't find it either, but

I can't find it either, but Dr Miyagi had some publications with Lys-N perchased from Seikagaku, you may want to email him and ask for the catalog #

Masaru Miyagi, Ph.D.
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
University of North Dakota School of Medicine
501 North Columbia Rd.
Grand Forks, ND 58203
Tel: (701) 777-2760
Fax: (701) 777-2382
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