How do you microdialyze a protein (antibody)?

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How do you microdialyze a protein (antibody)?

Hi I have this antibody that I need to run on gel. But it's been purified under high salt conditions (0.5M NaCl). I know that the gel will give me problems if I run it under the high salt. However, I have been told I can microdialyze my protein. but how??

Fraser Moss
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I dialyzed my antibodies

I dialyzed my antibodies against PBS using the Pierce Slidealyzer

Jason King
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Yes, I've used the

Yes, I've used the Slidealyzers too - they are excellent for small volumes. If you have larger volumes you might want to use a de-salting column. I used to use PD-10 columns for de-salting Adenovirus preps - there should be something available from ye olde Pharmacia (GE Healthcare now - I think).