New Horizons in Catalysis

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New Horizons in Catalysis

New Horizons in Catalysis
The Art of Catalysis in Process Chemistry

17 - 19 November 2008, Florida, USA

Hype or reality? Much has been made of developments in catalysis in organic chemistry, including asymmetric catalysis, organocatalysis and biocatalysis. This new Scientific Update event aims to bring together industrial chemists and academics, to learn about emerging catalytic methods and their industrial application. Featuring top speakers from academia and industry, and aligned with the Biofine exhibition, this event will provide industrial chemists with an unparalleled opportunity to explore how catalysis is beginning to change the landscape of process chemistry.

Key topics include:
Asymmetric catalysis
Transition metal catalysis
Homogeneous catalysis
Heterogeneous catalysis
High throughput catalyst screening
Screening of catalytic reaction conditions
Encapsulated catalysts