Faraday Discussion 149: Analysis for Healthcare Diagnostics and Theranostic

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Faraday Discussion 149: Analysis for Healthcare Diagnostics and Theranostic

Faraday Discussion 149: Analysis for Healthcare Diagnostics and Theranostics

6 - 8 September 2010
Scotland, UK


The need in healthcare to detect biomolecular species such as proteins, oligonucleotides (DNA and RNA) and cells for diagnostics is driving the current development of physical techniques (generally based on optical, electrochemical and mass spectrometric transduction) to enable these measurements.  These are now also being exploited in array formats, enabling the development of high throughput detection to inform systems biology and pathway medicine by giving new insights into biomolecular pathways and the identification of new target analytes. 
This is a highly topical and exciting area which opens up the real prospect of theranostics (the use of diagnostics in informing patient specific therapy) but for which development and optimisation of detection requires an understanding and control of the fundamental physical processes occurring both in sensing and in signal transduction and the comparatives merits of alternative detection strategies.  For high throughput detection, bioinformatics (the processing and interpretation of vast amounts of data) also presents a real challenge. 
This Faraday Discussion offers a unique opportunity to assemble academics, industrialists and clinicians to discuss the relative merits of these physical methods, and the fundamental issues which hinder or preclude their development and utilisation, informed by the requirements for detection (the "clinical pull") and the requirement for systems development (the "technological pull"). 
If you would like to register an interest in the meeting please contact RSC Conferences and we will let you know when further information becomes available.

Scientific Committee

Dr Andrew Mount (University of Edinburgh, UK) (Chair)
Professor Mark Bradley (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Dr Till Bachmann (University of Edinburgh, UK)
Professor Paul French (Imperial College London, UK)
Professor Rob Beynon (University of Liverpool, UK)
Dr David-Alexis Mendels (Cognoscens, France)
Professor Philip Bartlett (University of Southampton, UK)

Preliminary Sessions

  • Systems/Devices to Inform Therapy (SDIT)  
  • Physical Techniques for Diagnostics (PTD)
  • High-Throughput Measurement and Analysis (HTMA)
  • Towards Real-time Clinical Measurement (TRCM)

These sessions have been specifically chosen to be clinical and technological challenges, with potential solutions employing a variety of physical techniques and systems approaches.  This should ensure discussion and debate about how these challenges are to be best met.      

Contact and Further Information
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