42nd IUPAC Congress, Chemistry Solutions

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42nd IUPAC Congress, Chemistry Solutions

Welcome to IUPAC 2009, the 42nd IUPAC Congress, one of the most important international chemistry events.
On behalf of IUPAC, the RSC is delighted to host this edition of the series, the history of which goes back to 1894. IUPAC was set up to advance the worldwide aspects of the chemical sciences and to contribute to the application of chemistry in the service of mankind, and the 2009 congress follows its lead with a programme that addresses the important challenges facing both the chemical sciences and society today such as climate change, energy, sustainability and healthcare.
RSC members, groups and networks have contributed a wealth of ideas to make this the biggest UK chemistry conference for several years. As well as a programme including more than 50 symposia, we are planning a series of social and satellite events to enhance networking and discussion opportunities. Combined with a large poster session and scientific exhibition showcasing the latest developments from around the world, this will be a conference to remember.
The aim of the 42nd IUPAC congress is to reflect the breadth if the chemical sciences, highlighting the impact of our science and exciting innovations with an overall focus on 'Chemistry Solutions'. Themes will overlap in several places and the programme has been designed to be accessible and relevant to all.