zero Magnesium and High calcium

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zero Magnesium and High calcium

I am wondering whether storing brain slices in zero magnesium and high calcium aCSF would affect their health? I find that these slices look unhealth after 30 min in modified aCSF. Does anyone else experienced it?

Abhishek Singh
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with high magnesium chloride 

with high magnesium chloride  i have found morphological difference in normal neuro2a cell and cell with media containing high magnesium chloride same time i am getting increase enzymatic activity(unpublished so not giving name ).

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I don't work with slices but

I don't work with slices but dissociated neuron models. But generally speaking, adding no Mg++ and high Ca++ will overactivate synaptic and extrasynaptic NMDARs, initiating excitotoxic pathogenesis.