Some basic doubts in electrophysiology

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Some basic doubts in electrophysiology

I have some very basic doubts in electrophysiology, mainly in the context of extracellular LTP recordings.

1. Resistance of glass microelectrode used for recording.
Some labs use a resistance in range 1-3 Mohm, others in range of 3-5 Mohm, few others even in 5-10mohm range. Why is such discrepency seen? How is the range decided? What is the ideal value?

2. Filter applied to filter out the signals.
Some papers mention the use of a 1Khz low-pass filter, others 5KHz low-pass filter. Some use 0.1Hz highpass filter while others don't use any. Why is this so? What is the ideal range, and how is it decided?

Please help me understand the theory/ principles of the above doubts.