10 Ph.D. Students + 1 Postdoc in Tübingen

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Jitendra Sinha
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10 Ph.D. Students + 1 Postdoc in Tübingen

The focus of the EU funded network NeurASYN is alpha-synuclein (ASYN), a protein believed to play a key role in the pathogenesis of Parkinson’s disease and Multiple System Atrophy, Diffuse LB Disease, LB Variant of Alzheimer's Disease as well as others, collectively termed synucleinopathies.
The aim of NeurASYN is to create a network of European partners who will examine ASYN conformations, regulation, and mechanisms of toxicity, using state of the art in vitro assays, diverse cellular and animal models as well as structural biology, also including novel cellular and in vivo imaging modalities. Through this work, biomarkers and experimental therapeutics targeting ASYN will be tested.
This network will create the opportunity for training of a number of early stage researchers in the diverse fields of protein chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, neurobiology, and animal modelling of nervous system diseases, within an interdisciplinary setting, while exposing them to both Academic and Industrial environments.

PhD: 3 years, Postdoc: 2 years

European academic und industry top labs

Contact Information
Dr H Graessner, Research Manager
University of Tübingen
Riess lab (Medical Genetics)
Calwerstr. 7
72076 Tübingen




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Hi Jiten

Hi Jiten
What caught my eye in the post is the duration of PhD...........3 years. To Many of us in India It might have sound a distant dream where research scholars dont even start hoping to get degree before 4 years and in some of the premier institutes scenario is even worse and Researchers are dragged to 5-6 even 7 years..... 

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Dear Jiten,

Dear Jiten,
Do add more information, like Deadline for application, Qualification or Requirements for this position and  Website reference ... Thanks

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I also feel nicve when I

I also feel nicve when I think about completing my PhD in 3 years but if a 5 years degree is done properly then I feel its worth spening time in the formative years as later we dont have so much of access to our guides in the terms as we are during our PhD years. After PhD we are supposed to look after the independent research (upto a level).