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warner amplifier

Dear all,
has anyone worked or tried an LC-201B patch amplifier from Warner?
How does it work compared to an Axon 200b?
How does it interface with axon digidata and software?
In other words, is warner amplifier actually more cost effective or just a worse device?

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Warner equipment - http://www

Warner equipment - http://www.warneronline.com/product_info.cfm?name=Patch%20Clamp%20Amplifier%20(PC-505B)&id=175

the  LC-201B is actually the part number for the headstage not the amplifier

This is compatible with the PC-505B amplifier from Warner.

the  LC-201B has a 500 MΩ feedback resistor that will handle whole cell currents up to 20 nA.  you need a separate HC-202B Headstage (50 GΩ/50 MΩ) For larger whole cell currents up to 200 nA

WI-205B Bilayer Headstage (50 GΩ modified) is modified for artificial bilayer capacitances up to 250 pF.

If you need to do voltammetry the PC-505B is capable

Molecular Devices/Axon Instruments Equipment - http://www.moleculardevices.com/pages/instruments/cn_axopatch200b.html

If you were to buy a new Axopatch 200b I believe that the main difference compared to the Warner is that it may have a lower noise levels in the recordings.

The amplifier is less noisy and has integrated active cooling of the circuit components reduces thermal noise too.

The CV 203BU headstage has two feedback resistors that give you two ranges of recording and you can switch between ranges without manually changing the headstage. The 500 megohm feedback resistor provides both low noise and a large current passing ability (20 nA). For larger currents, switching to the 50 megohm feedback-resistor passes up to 200 nA.

For bilayers the Axopatch has an input capacitance up to 1000pF

For single channel mode the Axopatch 200b claims to have the lowest noise on the market - 0.145 pA rms  (10 kHz).

I'n not sure that you can use a Axopatch200B for voltammetry.  For this you may need a Multiclamp amplifier (can anyone else confirm or deny this?).

There are many other differences and I have provided to the product pages for each device so that you can compare for yourself.

My 10c would be that I think that the most modern Axopatch 200B models are a more sophisticated amplifier than the Warner instrument - but for the price difference you have to ask yourself what experiments will you be performing with your set up and although the Axopatch is probably capable of more things and comes in a sleeker package, do you need the extra bells and whistles?  Nonetheless, It has to be said - Low noise is extremely attractive.

And RE integration with pClamp software - yes you can fully integrate Warner amplifiers with a Molecular Devices/Axon Instruments Digidata and the pClamp software.  Just make sure you set up the Lab Bench settings and the telegraphed instrument options correctly once you have wired it all up.  In the telegraphed instrument settings in Clampex the Warner PC-505B amplifier is a listed device so it is really simple.

Good luck and I'm looking forward to hearing other opinions from experienced "patchers".  Hey maybe even a representative from Warner or Molecular Devices would like to step up and talk about their devices?

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 Yes, that was the part

 Yes, that was the part number for the headstage, the quotation I got didn't say anything about the amplifier. The pic in the quotation looks like a PC-505B.

Description of the instrument in the Warner page claims that the machine approaches the theoretical limit for noise...

I'm in the need to assemble a set up for whole cell, voltage or current clamp on neurons, I don't think I need a super-performing machine, which, btw, I could not even afford.

Warner is convincing me more and more.

Hope the € comes back on US $, that would really help me!! 

Thanks a lot

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 just to look at another

 just to look at another Brand for you  - have you looked at HEKA (http://www.heka.com/)?  I have not used their equipment so cannot give any real opinion on quality etc

They are based in Europe so might be kinder on your wallet.

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 There is also this from A-M
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 Or the PC ONE from Dagan

 Or the PC ONE from Dagan http://www.dagan.com/pc-one.htm