OVLD error in Electrophysiolgy

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OVLD error in Electrophysiolgy


I am new to this blog and find it quite interesting and informative.

I have recently started working as a GRA and my project basically deals with the Electrophysiology technique.
I have a big problem, since it is not allowing me to proceed with my experiments.

When I tried to patch the cell, it always says OVLD (Overload). I use Multiclamp 700B. I always make sure that the grounding and the electrode are cleaned, by placing them in bleach for some time. I tried to change the grounding many a times, but in vain.

Any light and help in this regard, would be great. I also appreciate if someone guides me to the site where I can find some sort of troubleshooting in electrophysilogy!

Thanks a ton in advance!