NMC introducing for the first time in India GE Innova 3100 with 3D&Innova C

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NMC introducing for the first time in India GE Innova 3100 with 3D&Innova C

NMC group of Medical establishments, is pleased to announce an upgrade in our Interventional Neuroradiology department, VIMHANS, New Delhi.  A GE Innova 3100 flat panel cath lab with 3D angiography and inbuilt Innova CT Scan is being installed. This will be the first installation of the Innova 3100 with 3D & Innova CT in India. 
The department of Interventional Neuroradiology at VIMHANS, New Delhi started in 1995, and is headed by Dr. V. K. Dixit.  The Institute is dedicated to treating cerebro vascular diseases through innovative and progressive programs. NMC provides compassionate healthcare from its location in the heart of the VIMHANS Hospital and delivers primary and tertiary healthcare to patients from throughout the country and around the world.  During these years we have performed a large number, more than 6000, of cerebral and spinal angiograms and more than 600 neuro intervention cases including 450 aneurysm coilings.
The GE Innova 3100 has the revolutionary technology, which will provide better imaging procedures for the patients who come to the NMC Interventional Neuroradiology department, VIMHANS for treatment. The equipment has the potential to change patient care dramatically.  This new technology enables faster procedures, requires less radiation exposure and gives the team the ability to see details, especially balloons, stents and coils, better than ever. In addition, GE’s Innova 3100 opens up new opportunities for NMC to provide a wide range of image-guided, minimally invasive treatment options that reduces risks and increases the accuracy of minimally invasive neuro interventional  procedures.
The medical significance of the GE Innova 3100 is similar to the transition from typewriters to computers. It’s a new concept in the way we image the heart, brain and related blood vessels that will let us provide excellent care for our patients.  We can ‘zoom in’ to see greater detail than before, 3D angiogram defines the anatomy more clearly and inbuilt Innova CT will help us in managing any complications in a much better way.  Patients at NMC can feel confident that their images have the excellent quality required to make a confident diagnosis and perform a therapeutic intervention if required.
The new Innova 3100 with 3D & Innova CT is under installation and will be commissioned shortly at VIMHANS.
As you are aware that the  Gamma Knife at our RANCAN GAMMA KNIFE CENTRE,  has completed 11 years of service .  We are pleased to share with you that it has been upgraded now with the latest version of Gamma Plan software and hardware, as well as the reloading of Cobalt sources.