leitz manipulator drift

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leitz manipulator drift

Has anyone ever adjusted the vertical drive tension on the old Leitz Wetzlar manipulators (the big green ones with the joystick)? The vertical movement coarse knob (at the base, underneath, beside the joystick) has just started to have some delay (you turn it, and it catches up - not quite drift but still annoying) and the fine adjust knob has slop - a dead space where no movement happens while you turn it. Anyone have any relevant experience?


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Hi rustyconc,

Hi rustyconc,
I use the same type of micromanipulator from Leitz...spend many more hours handling that thing than I'd like!

I've never had any problems with mine, but I have taken it apart, just for kicks and to see how the gearing works.

When you say it has a "delay" does that mean if you turn it, stop, then it catches up? Or do you mean you turn it, say 1 turn, and it only elevates by say 3/4 turn worth of displacement? My best guess is that your gears are slipping. I doubt you have any gear teeth broken, because these things are made like old war tanks. But the teeth may have worn down, or you may have some slipping of the gears in and out; or maybe the gears are nashing and friction builds up until it finally releases?

It is straight forward to disassemble the Leitz. Just unscrew all the screws, pop off the top. You should be able to get direct access to the vertical tension drive and check it out.
You should see right away what condition the gears are in. And don't worry, it is really easy to put back together.

Good luck!

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Hello, I am using this same

Hello, I am using this same micromanipulator from Leitz. I have three that need repair. I am unable to locate where to have them repaired. Do you know how to get in contact with these people or where I am able to get them repaired . thanks for you help.. cheers!