ADC requirements for Patch Clamp

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ADC requirements for Patch Clamp

Hi everybody

we are developing high-density micro electrode arrays (MEAs) at our lab (Bio Engineering Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland) and we want to establish a patch clamp set up to do simultaneous intracellular and extracellular recordings. In order to facilitate the synchronization, we want to acquire the patch clamp data directly into the (custom programmed) FPGA that already reads the MEA data, in order to have all synchronized with the same sampling rate and so on.
Therefore I want to build an extension board for the FPGA with a standard ADC on it. Now I don't know exactly what specifications my ADC should meet. We are using the MultiClamp 700B.
Especially I am wondering what is the needed voltage input range and the resolution. I've seen that the Digidata 1440 has an input range of -10 ... 10 V and 16 bit resolution, so I thought I'd go for that. But I don't have any experience with measurements, so I am not sure what is really needed... Should we also implement an optional ac-coupling circuit before the ADC?

Thanks for any advises,