Nano materials for NLO application

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Nano materials for NLO application

Whether nano-materials can exhibit second harmonic generation which is for non-linear optical applications? If so, can we prepare a thin film of nano materials by spray pyrolysis method?

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I know that's it's easy to

I know that's it's easy to generate nanoparticles by this method as we hvae used them in the past but I'm not sure if a sheet of material can be generated.  Would be interested to hear about it.

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Dear Sir,

Dear Sir,
     Your reply is highly useful to my work and I thank you for your interesting suggestion.

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Dear Mohan

Dear Mohan
Yes Nano material can exhibit excellent SHG , now days it is very hot topic , Nano composites and nano films, etc even though more on these topics u can find some journal,
or else refer this site too
NITK surathkal mangalore

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Yes , we can prepare  thin

Yes , we can prepare  thin film of various size film of nanomaterial.
e.g. Conducting polyaniline nano particle and cellulose  derivative film by simple chemical and spray  unit.
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