Barcodes for Biodefense

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Barcodes for Biodefense


"...multi-striped metallic nanowires in a suspended format to rapidly identify sensitive single and multiplex immunoassays that simulated biowarfare agents ranging from anthrax, smallpox and ricin to botulinum. The entire assay can be performed within 34 h, thus making it feasible to be employed on a rapid diagnostic platform.
The core of this portable nanotechnology bioweapon-recognition system consists of two parts: Nanowires with a diameter of about 250 nm and a length of about 6 m are electrochemically formed and then layered with bands of silver, gold and nickel to produce patterns that are similar to the ubiquitous barcodes found on products worldwide.
The other part is an assortment of antibodies, which are essentially glued to the nanowires. Each type of pathogen calls for a unique antibody which is attached to the nanowires each antibody type with its unique "barcode".
The reflection pattern and fluorescence from each stripe sequence can later be clearly recognized, similar to a barcode on a retail product."

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Here is a link to the

Here is a link to the original publication

Jeffrey B.-H. Tok, Dr., Frank Y. S. Chuang, Dr., Michael C. Kao , Klint A. Rose, Dr., Satinderpall S. Pannu, Dr., Michael Y. Sha, Dr., Gabriela Chakarova, Dr., Sharron G. Penn, Dr., George M. Dougherty, Dr. Metallic Striped Nanowires as Multiplexed Immunoassay Platforms for Pathogen Detection. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Volume 45, Issue 41, Pages 6900 - 6904
Published Online: 4 Aug 2006

Multi-striped nanowires allow rapid and sensitive immunoassays for biowarfare agent simulants. (Image: LLNL)

Here is a link to Supporting Information on this publication.