Measuring fluorescence intensity of pixels via Image J

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Measuring fluorescence intensity of pixels via Image J

Hi everyone,

I am keen to measure the fluorescence intensities of two images taken by using threshold method of analysis by Image fluorescence. How could I measure the fluorescence intensity (pixels) of any image and can compare with other images taken under the same camera settings and fluorescence by using ImageJ? Which application of ImageJ would be used for images captured for red (single) channel? Do i need to convert the images in 8-bit types or black and white before measuring?
And also is it possible to measure from region of interest or for whole image?

Hey guys, can you help me out!!


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 I will try and get you a

 I will try and get you a more descriptive answer later, but for now you should check out these imageJ resources to understand how to use the program

ImageJ Homepage


Analysis  This will be particularly useful to you

ImageJ Wiki

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This is helpful:http:/