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Image J

Does anyone knows how to quantify the area of certain granules inside a bacteria using imageJ?

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When you acquired your image

When you acquired your image you should have used a graticle in the microscope or the scope's own imaging software to determine the scale of the image (probably in micrometers).  e.g. 512 pixels = 32 µm

In ImageJ, open the image and click on > analyze > set scale

in the dialogue box that opens enter the know distance.  in the unit of length box; make sure that you put in mm, nm, micron or uM to scale correctly.

click OK

Then click Analyze > Set Measurements.

make sure that the Area check box is selected any any other measurements that you wish to determine.

Click OK

go to the image you wish to quantify and using the drawing tools draw an ellipse, square or irregular shape around the  area you wish to measure and the click "Ctrl + M"

The Results window will open with the area and any other measurements you asked for in the Set Measurements box.

You can save the results file as an excel sheet or cut and paste the date wherever you wish.

good luck!

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 Thank you very much. It was

 Thank you very much. It was really helpful. Thank you again for taking your time to do this.