fluorescence in inverted microscopy

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fluorescence in inverted microscopy

I am looking for an inverted scope that will allow me to image fluorescently labeled cells on the surface of an opaque material. I am considering the Nikon TS100, but I was also wondering if anyone has used fluorescence with the Olympus CK40 scope.

Any references using this technique would be appreciated.

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I am using Zeiss Axiovert

I am using Zeiss Axiovert 200M both for micromanipulations and Fluorescent observations. Works fine, except of few bugs in the sofware provided. If equipped with ApoTome module - allows to get pictures as good as those from confocal imaging.

Guy Sovak
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I used to use Zeiss also.

I used to use Zeiss also.
It was a AxioVert200 I was very happy happy with it.
I used the Axiovision softwear which was great.

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We currently use a Olympus

We currently use a Olympus IX81 frame with the DSU attached. It works great for imaging on Transwell filters - which are largely opaque. Again, the DSU allows z-axis segments - not as fine as LSM, but with no bleaching and a tenth of the price.
We have Slidebook and imagePro software to go with it - controls both microscope functions and image acquistion.