Salt in Condenser - how to remove?

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Salt in Condenser - how to remove?

 Hi everyone,

I work in Patch-Clamp Recordings, this requires circulating ACSF (high Sodium-Chloride) through a chamber between the objective and condensor of a DIC microscope (Zeiss). Unfortunately, the chamber suffered a discrete leak and dripped through the condenser of the microscope without being noticed, before I went on vacation. Returning, I noticed that the lower lense is covered with cristallized salt - from the inside.
My question being: What is the most pragmatic approach to removing the salt without harming the lense, if there is one at all?

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Kristina Holmberg
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 I would suggest you contact

 I would suggest you contact the manufacturer for advice, since it is an expensive piece of equipment. If you would like to try to se if it is removable from the outside here is a link: