Magnification of Electron micrographs

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Magnification of Electron micrographs

 Hi all,

I would really appreciate some help!

I have captured a large number of images using EM and plan to measure a number of parameters such as mitochndrial size, lysosome size etc. I captured my images either at 6800x or 9300x. The software normally automatically tells you the scale of the image however I was taking tiled images and that clearly doesn't happen with such images.
I therefore need to distinguish which of my images was taken at which magnification so that I can apply my own scale bar from a calibration image. This is really difficult to do by eye and I wondered whether anybody knew of any way to distinguish between images of different magnifications? Or am I too late?!

Thank you!


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 Hi Gilm

 Hi Gilm

Did you check properties of photographs? These have infomrmation about the resolution, author, date and time so probably may tell you about magnification as well, if that is parameter. If that doesnt work, before checking manually, you can look into the help section or give a call to Your instruments Tech support team.