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Membership of BS

Young Researcher Membership

Applicants are entitled to Young Researcher Membership for 10 years from the date of gaining their PhD or similar postgraduate qualification.
Young Researcher Membership fee: £37.00/US$73.00/€63.00 per annum.
Complete the online membership application form
Applicants who currently reside in a low income country are entitled to a 50% discount on their Membership fee.
Young Researcher Membership brings all the benefits of Full Membership at half the cost:

  • Generous grants and busaries to support your attendance at meetings - anywhere
  • Free colour when you publish in the Biochemical Journal - a saving of £550*
  • Discounts on Opt2Pay fee for Portland Press Ltd Journals*
  • Free subscription to The Biochemist - 6 editions a year and free access to all features in online Biochemist e-volution
  • Free online access to back issue content in The Biochemist
  • Staggering discounts on registration fees for Society meetings
  • Access to FEBS Fellowships
  • Free online acess to the Biochemical Journal
  • Free online access to Biochemical Society Transactions
  • Discounts on journals and books from Portland Press Ltd, the Society's not-for-profit publisher
  • Information about and the opportunity to participate in policy and educational issues

*Corresponding author must have been a Full Member or Young Researcher Member for 2 years.