Engineering approach to biotechnology

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Engineering approach to biotechnology

For the next year, I will be taking engineering design. Evaluation of my efforts will be based upon the successful fabrication and demonstration of a designed machine. Since energy devices are highly desired products, my group plans on designing a a microbial fuel cell that will help reduce domestic and/or industrial energy use from the grid. If you are interested in helping design and synthesize the microbe(s), design the actual fuel cell, help with the software/automation, can provide funding, help with writing grant proposals, or patent applications please leave a comment with contact info and what area of the project you are interested in helping with.

This is a design project that will be used for a senior project. However, the desired outcomes are journal publication(s) discussing the genetically modified microbes, a journal publication discussing the microbial fuel cell,  patent(s) for the fuel cell, and compensation via stipends or sells from the device. Although the microbes are a large part of the fuel cell, the fuel cell will also showcase the technologies and nano-materials available to the team members.

Also, the project is intended to be a cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional effort with the intention of showcasing the technologies used by devices developed by untraditional undergraduate work (research, using multiple institutions, members from diverse fields) vs. traditional senior engineering groups (small group of engineers in the same discipline). With a team partially comprised of scientists untraditional solutions to common engineering problems is desired. if an educational experiment can be devised from the project then publications in educational journals will also be pursued. 

Currently, the potential team members include a molecular biologist/biotechnologist  (Arizona State), an electrical engineering (U. of Houston), and a mechanical engineer (TTU).Any level of experience that can contribute to our team is desired.

Please post  comments if you have advice, would like to help, join the team, or have other projects in need of engineering student(s).