Vascular Biology Marie Curie PhDs and Post-Docs

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Vascular Biology Marie Curie PhDs and Post-Docs

SmArteR (Small Artery Remodelling) is a research network of academic and entrepreneurial institutes that focusses on the small arteries and arterioles. These vessels have a crucial role in the regulation of local blood flow and of blood pressure, and their dysfunction is causally involved in hypertension and impaired tissue perfusion. SmArteR provides a unique collaboration addressing the structure and function of these vessels. We will study the interaction between cells, extracellular matrix and mechanical loading in an integrative way, taking advantage of the multidisciplinary partnership. This way, we will unravel the processes in small artery remodelling at the molecular, cellular and integrative physiology level, and we will develop novel and marketable technology aimed at studying these vessels in vitro under the right biomechanical conditions.

In the coming months, SmArteR will be hiring 12 Ph.D. students and one post-doc at various European labs and enterprises; two more post-docs will follow in 2014 and 2015. As Ph.D. student or post-doc, you will embark on a specific project within the programme. You will use unique experimental approaches, embedded within both the local institutes and the SmArteR network. While principally based at a single location, you will have the opportunity to spend time at one or more partner institutes. You will be trained in not only cardiovascular R&D, but also in a range of skills required to form the new generation of frontrunners in biomedical research in academia and industry.

SmArteR is funded as ITN within the Marie Curie program of the European Commission. Salary and mobility allowance are competitive. Specific rules apply for eligibility. See our webiste

Deadline: December 15, 2013

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