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UCD Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Cereals crops represent the most important food source for humans and animals and are a growing source of biofuels. The next 50 years will present new challenges for cereal production. These challenges include the doubling of the world population, the increased use of land for the cultivation of biofuel crops, increases in both temperature and drought (climate change), and the increasing need for new methods for plant nutrition and disease control, driven by negative environmental impacts of fertilisers and pesticides. In light of these challenges, this project focuses on unravelling novel mechanisms involved in wheat response to stress and delivering knowledge and tools that can be used to improve crop and plant cell productivity. Consequently, it will contribute to our understanding of basic plant biology, and to the development of competitive and sustainable means for enhancing the productivity of food, feed, biofuel and plant cell cultures (biopharming).

2010 Salary Scale: €37,750 - €38,860 per annum
2011 Salary Scale: €33,975 - €34,974 per annum*
*Subject to all new entrants to public sector as of 01 January 2011

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