Two postdoctoral positions immunology/ microbiology 2012

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Two postdoctoral positions immunology/ microbiology 2012

Two postdoctoral positions are available in the Departments of Medicine/Pathology & Immunology/Molecular Microbiology to study novel mechanisms of innate and adaptive immune restriction of viral infections.

Current areas of specific interest include the role of novel inhibitory interferon stimulated genes in restricting flavivirus (e.g. West Nile and Dengue) and alphavirus (Venezuelan equine encephalitis and Chikungunya) pathogenesis, and an analysis of how epitope repertoire of different B cell populations (MBC and LLPC) influences durable antibody-mediated protection against homologous and heterologous flaviviruses. Candidates should have a demonstrated record of significant scientific accomplishment at the graduate or postdoctoral level, with a Ph.D in immunology or microbiology being preferred. Specialty background in mouse models is preferred but not absolutely required.
To apply: Send CV and contact list (emails, phone numbers, and names) of three references to Michael S. Diamond (

Deadline: Contact employer