TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

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TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

The National Council on Science and Technology (CONACYT), Mexico City, Mexico, and TWAS offer fellowships for scientists from developing countries (other than Mexico) who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences. Deadline 1 July.

IMPORTANT: The following is additional information concerning the TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme tenable in Mexico. It is an integral part of the information given here: TWAS Fellowships for Postdoctoral Research.

Applicants should be aware that they can apply for only one fellowship per year. With the exception of the fellowships "for research collaboration", all other fellowship programmes offered by TWAS and TWOWS that are mutually exclusive.

Programme Details

  1. TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowships are tenable at eligible institutions of higher education and research in Mexico for a minimum period of six to a maximum period of twelve months and are awarded to young scientists from developing countries (other than Mexico) to enable them to pursue advanced research in the natural sciences and related fields.
  2. A list of research institutions in Mexico where TWAS-CONACYT Fellowships are tenable is available for download here:  Higher Education Institutions in Mexico.
  3. CONACYT will provide a standard monthly allowance which should be used to cover living costs, such as accommodation and food.
  4. CONACYT will also provide a fixed amount for mandatory health insurance coverage.


Applicants for these Fellowships must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a maximum age of 40 years on 31 December of the year of application.
  • Be nationals of a developing country (other than Mexico).
  • Hold a PhD degree in a field of the natural sciences.
  • Be regularly employed in a developing country (other than Mexico) and hold a research assignment there.
  • Provide an official Acceptance Letter from the host institution from an eligible institution in Mexico. Only listed higher education institutions in Mexico are eligible (see point 2 above). A sample Acceptance Letter is included in the application form which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the page unter "related content".
  • Prove knowledge of Spanish or provide a certificate of proficiency in English (if these languages are not the candidate’s mother tongue).

Submitting your application

  • The deadline for receipt of applications is 1 July every year.
  • Applicants should submit the acceptance letter from an eligible Mexican host institution to TWAS when applying or by the deadline at the latest. Without preliminary acceptance, the application will not be considered for selection.
  • Reference letters: Referees must send signed letters as attachment via e-mail directly to TWAS. The subject line must contain: CONACYT/PDoc/the candidate’s surname. Alternatively, letters should be sent by post in sealed envelopes.
  • Applicants to the TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme should send their application only to TWAS.
  • Applicants should be aware that they may apply for only one TWAS fellowship per year.

Click on the links below to download the application form and guidelines. Before applying it is recommended that you read very carefully the application guidelines for detailed information on eligibility criteria, deadlines and other key requirements of the application procedure.

Contact Details
TWAS Fellowships Office
ICTP campus, Strada Costiera 11
34151 Trieste, Italy
Tel: +39 040 2240 314
Fax: +39 040 2240 689

For information purposes only
CONACYT Fellowships Office
Insurgentes Sur 1582-1er. piso
Col. Crédito Constructor, Benito Juárez
Mexico, D.F., 03940 MEXICO
Tel.: +52 555 3228 149