Tenure Track or Tenured Position in Computational Science (Complex Systems)

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Tenure Track or Tenured Position in Computational Science (Complex Systems)

Aalto University is a new multidisciplinary science and art community. The University’s cornerstones are its strengths in education and research, with 20,000 basic degree and graduate students, and a staff of 4,500 of which 300 are professors.
Aalto University invites applications for:
Tenure track or tenured position in computational science (complex systems)

The position is located in the Department of Biomedical Engineering and Computational Science (BECS) (http://www.becs.tkk.fi) at the Aalto University School of Science.
The position is open to talented individuals who hold a doctorate and have excellent potential for a productive scientific career. On the basis of their experience and competence, applicants will be placed on any of the four levels of the tenure track system: Assistant Professor (1), Assistant Professor (2), Associate Professor or Full Professor.
The candidates for the two first-mentioned levels are appointed for a fixed term, while the candidates for Associate Professor positions are appointed either for an indefinite term or for a fixed term. A Full Professor is appointed for an indefinite term.
The holder of the professorship is expected to perform outstanding research, to teach at graduate and undergraduate levels, to supervise graduate and undergraduate students, as well as to participate in international collaborations and to raise research funds. The focus areas for the research and teaching of the position are those of the Centre of Excellence in Computational Complex Systems Research (COSY) (http://www.lce.hut.fi/), namely Computational Science including modeling large-scale networks, e.g., social, techno-social, economic, ecological, epidemiological, cognitive and neural networks. The main emphasis will be on complex systems research of large-scale, system-wide phenomena and dynamics using and developing the tools of computational science and statistical mechanics.
To apply, please send your CV, a concise description of research interest and future research plans, a short teaching portfolio and contact information of at least 2 persons, who can give recommendations, addressed to the President of Aalto University, Registry of Aalto University, POBox 11000, FI-00076 Aalto, or preferably by email: kirjaamo@aalto.fi.
The closing date is the 14th of January 2011. Should there be a lack of eligible outstanding applicants, the application period may be extended. While all the applicants who have submitted an application by the deadline will be appropriately considered, Aalto University reserves the right to consider also other candidates for the professorial positions.
The application materials will not be returned.
More detailed information about the BECS and the COSY and their research fields, as well as the present application process and its requirements, is provided online at http://www.becs.tkk.fi/en/work/tenuretrack2010.html and http://www.aalto.fi/en/openpositions.