Strategy refresh consultant/facilitator

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Strategy refresh consultant/facilitator

Job Description

1. Background

The African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) is a not-for-profit organisation that facilitates and promotes public/private partnerships for the access and delivery of appropriate proprietary agricultural technologies for use by resource-poor smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is headquartered in Nairobi, and its mandate covers Sub-Saharan Africa.

AATF has had two revisions of its strategic and business plans developed in 2003. The first substantial review of the strategy was carried out in 2006 followed by a minor one on the business plan in 2009.

Over the years, the organization has grown both in terms of number of projects, the level of activities and also staffing. The operating environment for AATF and partners has also changed calling for a review of the organization’s contribution towards the attainment of the overall goal of ensuring food security for Sub-Saharan Africa. Interactions with various stakeholders have also given strong indication for the need to conduct a strategy refresh to ensure AATF maintains its relevance and effectiveness in this competitive environment to avoid overlap of goals and objectives with other players.

One of the key elements that the strategy refresh will pay particular attention to is commercialization of technologies to increase uptake and number of beneficiaries.

2. Purpose of the Assignment

AATF is therefore seeking the services of a consultant to assist the Board and management to refresh its strategy and take bold actions to move from its potential to impacts along the value chain right onto smallholder farmers and their communities. The consultant will be expected to carry out consultations with various stakeholders, synthesize information available and lead the process towards realization of a new revised strategy and implementation plan. The 7 weeks consultancy proposed will be in 2 phases:

Phase 1 (4 weeks)
1) Meeting with staff and familiarisation with AATF business, and review of institutional documents, including the AATF strategic and business plans (2003 ad 2009), AATF Business Processes, Organizational Development Plan, External Review Report, Monitoring and Evaluation Review Report.
2) Conducting initial consultations with key stakeholders including board members, donors, farmers organisations, value-chain players, policy makers and civil society.
3) In consultation with staff, identify critical issues that need to be addressed during the strategy refresh.
4) Production of an Interim Report covering key strategy issues that will inform and guide Phase 2. The report should include key strategic challenges and initial strategic options available.
5) Development of strategy review process, methodologies and materials in conjunction with AATF management.
The strategy review process and meetings are expected to be participatory and must be designed to provoke critical review and thinking amongst the participants. In addition, the strategic outcome envisioned must resonate well with AATF Priority Problem Areas today and in future.
Phase 2 (3 weeks)
1) Facilitation of the AATF strategy refresh workshop (2 to 3 days)
2) Compilation of workshop report
3) Drafting the strategy document and implementation plan
4) Facilitation of a workshop to brief staff on the revised strategy and implementation procedure and timelines (1 day)
5) Preparation the final strategy document and implementation plan The key deliverable is strategic actions plan capable of translating AATF’s documented potential into real and scaled up benefits of technologies to smallholder farmers.

It is expected that workshop participants will comprise of AATF staff, representatives of the AATF Board of Trustees, Representatives of Donor community, and other AATF key stakeholders such as farmer associations, industry representatives, national agricultural research systems, the CGIAR, seed companies, agro-dealers, biotech companies, and other players in agricultural development in Sub-Saharan Africa.

3. Required skills and competencies:

1) Experience in conducting and facilitating similar strategic planning processes
2) Knowledge and experience of using participatory approaches and innovative facilitation techniques
3) Strong analytical and report writing skills
4) Knowledge and experience of developing Innovation Systems and Agricultural Research for Development approaches
5) Good inter-personal skills and ability to build consensus towards shared positions
6) Excellent communication skills and fluency in English
7) Strong understanding of agricultural development issues and needs of farmers in Sub Saharan Africa
8) Demonstrated experience and a strong track record in developing and commercializing technology, with a good understanding of how value chains work and how SMEs look at innovation and risk will be an added advantage
9) Minimum of a Master’s degree and 10 years’ experience in relevant areas.

4. Submission Requirements

Following information will be required along with proposals:
1) Profile of the consultant/firm
2) Profile and experience of the proposed Team Leader/s
3) Profile and experience of the proposed Team/s
4) Experience in handling similar projects.( list of past and present clients for which the consultant/firm has already conducted a strategy facilitation)
5) Anticipated cost to undertake the activity
6) Submission should be clearly marked “Strategy Facilitation for AATF”
7) You may add any other information you wish.

5. Reporting system

During this assignment, the consultant(s) will report directly to the Executive Director with a strong day to day relationship with the Director of Technical Operations.

6. Dateline for Implementation

Your preliminary proposal, date plan and cost estimates, are expected to be addressed to Dr Denis Kyetere, the Executive Director of AATF, c/o ILRI, Kabete Campus, Old Naivasha Road, Nairobi by email at: eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%64%2e%6b%79%65%74%65%72%65%40%61%61%74%66%2d%61%66%72%69%63%61%2e%6f%72%67%22%3e%64%2e%6b%79%65%74%65%72%65%40%61%61%74%66%2d%61%66%72%69%63%61%2e%6f%72%67%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')) by the 30th of April 2012 at 5:00 pm and award of the contract will be announced the 7th of May 2012.

7. Confidentiality Statement

All data and information received from AATF for the purpose of this assignment are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to AATF
African Agricultural Technology Foundation

Deadline: Contact employer

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