Scholarships 2012 for Young Talents and Visiting-Researchers

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Scholarships 2012 for Young Talents and Visiting-Researchers

Study Subject(s):Engineering and other technological areas, Pure and Natural Sciences, Health and Biomedical Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies, Aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, Sustainable Agricultural Production, Oil, Gas and Coal, Renewable Energy, Biotechnology, Nanotechnology and New Materials, Technology for prevention and mitigation of natural disasters, Biodiversity and bioprospection, Marine Sciences, Minerals, New technologies for constructive engineering , Formation of technical personnel

Course Level:Research

Scholarship Provider: Brazil Government

Scholarship can be taken at: Brazil
Young researchers working abroad with very good scientific accomplishments and who have excelled both qualitatively and quantitatively in their scientific or technological career are eligible to receive funding and resources to perform a two to three year-long research project in Brazil. The host research group would also receive funds, as a bench fee. An international call for proposals will be periodically and internationally disclosed. The program anticipates the availability of funds for at least 100 young researchers per year.
The scholarship program for “Special Visiting Researcher” aims to attract foreign researchers recognized internationally as leadership in priority areas of Science Without Borders program, to conduct projects with Brazilian research groups and visit Brazil for up to three months each year over two to three years. The program also provides scholarships for Brazilian students to doctoral and postdoctoral keep projects in Brazil and abroad. The benefits of this fellowship include support for living expenses when the researcher is in Brazil as well funding for the local laboratory.
Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Description: The scholarship program for “Young Talent Attraction” aims to attract young researchers living abroad, especially Brazilians, who have a highlighted scientific and technology production within the areas of interest to the Science Without Borders.
How to Apply: By online
Deadline: 16th June 2012

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