Research Fellowship Position : Lisboa, Portugal

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Research Fellowship Position : Lisboa, Portugal

Call for Applications to a Research Fellowship Position
Project HMSP-ICJ/0020/2011
A call for applications to a Research Fellowship Position is open under the Project HMSP-ICJ/0020/2011, Dopaminergic neurotransmission in dietary learning and obesity, financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia under the cooperation agreement between Portugal and Harvard Medical School.
1. Duration: The Fellowship will have the duration of 12 months, with the possibility of renewal for 1 more period of 12 months, starting on 17.09.2012, in exclusivity, as regulated by Lei n.º 40/2004, de 18 de Agosto, the human resources regulation of FCT ( and fellowships regulation of Champalimaud Foundation.
2. Proposed Activities: Application and development of psychometric and neuropsychological tests, as well as methods for gustatory psychophysics testing. Organization and maintenance of a human psychophysics laboratory. Data management.

3. Scientific Orientation: Doutor Albino J. Oliveira-Maia (Neurobiology of Action Laboratory)

4. Selection Criteria: Master degree in a Psychology with training and experience in Neuropsychology. Experience in human gustatory behaviour testing is preferred. Good Portuguese and English skills are essential.

5. Monthly Stipend: According the regulations of the FCT Scientific Fellowships in Portugal (€980.00/month).

6. Application Documents: Letter of Motivation, detailed Curriculum Vitae and at least two contacts to whom reference
letters can be requested should be sent by e-mail under the subject: Technician position to Albino J. Oliveira-Maia (

7. Methods of selection: Selection methods shall be as follows: evaluation of curriculum (50%), motivation letter (25%) and reference letters, on the following scale: Excellent (4), Very good (3), Good (2), Satisfactory (1), and Poor or Inadequate (0). In case of draw/tie, candidates in this situation will be interviewed.

8. Jury Selection:
Chairman: Doutor Albino J. Oliveira-Maia. Other members: Doutor Rui M. Costa and Doutor João Bernardo B. Corrêa. Supplemental members: Doutora Cristina Afonso and Dr. Joaquim Alves da Silva.

9. Form of advertising / notification of results: The final evaluation results will be publicized through the final score ordered list, posted in, and the candidate approved will be notified by email.

10. Application Period: From 27.08.2012 to 07.09.2012.

Deadline: 07.09.2012

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