Postdoctoral studies in Social-Affective Cognitive Neuroscience

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Postdoctoral studies in Social-Affective Cognitive Neuroscience

Karolinska Institutet

announces a research scholarship for


Postdoctoral studies in Social-Affective Cognitive Neuroscience


the Department of Neuroscience


Description of the research project/area of research
We are seeking a highly talented, innovative and enthusiastic researcher with a PhD awarded within the last three years in Social or Affective Cognitive Neuroscience or related disciplines to work on behavioural and/or fMRI projects related to the interplay between body self-perception and social and affective cognitive processes. Specifically, we are looking for somebody to use ‘out-of-body illusion’ and the ‘body-swapping illusion’ (Ehrsson 2007 Science; Petkova & Ehrsson 2008 PLOS ONE) as novel tools to investigate the role of owning a body for social cognition and the affective self-image.

The research will be conducted at the Brain, Body and Self Laboratory ( at the Department of Neuroscience and Stockholm Brain Institute, under the supervision of Dr Henrik Ehrsson and Dr. Andreas Olsson. This centre has widespread expertise in neuroimaging methods including fMRI, PET and TMS. The Karolinska Institute has two MR-centres with state-of-the art 1.5T and 3T MR scanners. Our lab is a member of the newly established Stockholm Brain Institute for cognitive and computational neuroscience (


Qualifications of the applicant
The ideal candidate will have expertise in conducting behavioural or fMRI experiments in social-affective cognitive neuroscience, social psychology, or body image psychology. The candidate is expected to actively contribute with own ideas and proposals, so the position is a ‘career development position’ where the candidate will be given the opportunity to develop his or her own line of research. Applicants should be able to demonstrate a consistently strong academic record, including publications in international journals.

The positions are time limited for a period 12 months initially, with the possibility of extension for an additional 12 months (we have funding secured for 24 months). The positions are funded by a scholarship. Only applicants with a foreign PhD could apply for this position.

A scholarship for the pursuit of postdoctoral studies may be awarded to a person who comes from a country outside of Sweden, and whose intent is to stay in Sweden for his or her entire, or partial, postdoctoral education. The head of the department decides whether the applicant’s education and scientific qualifications will be regarded as equivalent to (or higher than) a Swedish doctorate. Scholarships may not be given to anyone who in the two years before the proposed award of the scholarship has received a salary or remuneration from Karolinska Institutet.


Information about research scholarship for postdoctoral studies
At Karolinska Institutet, scholarships may only be established for the education of the holder. Educational scholarships are restricted for postdoctoral studies lasting up to two years and exempted from Swedish income tax.
A scholarship for the pursuit of postdoctoral studies may be awarded for up to two years in the five years following the public defence (or equivalent) of a doctoral thesis. The scholarship amount is approved for up to six months at a time and is paid monthly.


Contact information
For further details about the research project and stipulations of the scholarship, please contact:

Dr. Henrik Ehrsson


Please send your application, marked with reference number 3820/2010, to reach us by no later than September 6 2010 to Christina Ingvarsson and Dr. Henrik Ehrsson, see below. The following documents .
(i) Your Curriculum Vitae with full publication list
(ii) Names of three reference persons.
(iii) A description of your qualifications and future research interests and academic goals.
(iv) A copy of your best peer-reviewed publication.

Christina Ingvarsson
Department of Neuroscience
Retzius väg 8
177 77 Stockholm

Also send an electronic copy of the whole application to Dr. Ehrsson (




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