Postdoctoral Scientist in mathematical biology

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Postdoctoral Scientist in mathematical biology

Postdoctoral Scientist in mathematical biology

Division of Mathematical Biology
National Institute For Medical Research

We are recruiting for a 3-year Postdoctoral position within the National Institute for Medical Research. The position involves the development of theoretical models of protein evolution with applications to fundamental biological topics such as speciation and host-pathogen co-evolution.
Applicants should have a PhD or equivalent in evolutionary biology, molecular biophysics, or related fields.
Applicants should have an interest in evolution. Applicants should have significant experience with scientific computing (in Java, C++, or equivalent).  Applicants should be able to learn quickly, have an interest in collaborative work, be able to communicate scientific ideas effectively and have a proven publication record.

Situated in Mill Hill, North West London, the MRC National Institute for Medical Research is the largest MRC institute, supporting some 70 research groups and 500 bench scientists. The Institute provides excellent training for researchers in a multi-disciplinary environment and is equipped with state of the art facilities, including genetic modification of mice, imaging, histology, and high throughput sequencing.

Closing date: 27th May 2011

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