Postdoctoral Research Fellowship - Department of Molecular Pharmacology

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship - Department of Molecular Pharmacology

Investigator: Liewei Wang, M.D., Ph.D. Associate Professor

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow is sought by a Pharmacogenomics laboratory for a position that is available as soon as possible. This laboratory will focus on the pharmacogenomics of drug targets and underlying mechanisms of drug resistance, especially those antineoplastic agents. Studies conducted include use of the tools of molecular pharmacology, molecular genetics and functional genomics to understand the mechanisms of drug resistance and to perform translational studies with this information to help predict response in clinic. Requirement for the position include a Ph.D. and /or M.D. degree with significant past laboratory research experience with an emphasis on cancer genetics and cancer pharmacology.

How to apply

Applications, including curriculum vitae and bibliography, summary of past accomplishments, and 3 signed reference letters, should be sent to:

Liewei Wang M.D., Ph.D.
Mayo Clinic in Minnesota
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN U.S.A. 55905

Deadline: Contact employer

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am writing to apply for the

am writing to apply for the postdoctoral position at your department, as advertised.
I performed the finding of novel mechanisms of radiation induced apoptotic necrosis and isolate proteins with high enzymatic activity. This proteins were activated by radiation and called Radiation Toxins. Functions and activity of Radiation Toxins extremely important in the development of clinical features of Acute Radiation Syndromes. Radiation Toxins (hydrolytic proteins) after administration to radiation naïve animals can induce symptoms similar to symptoms which were generated after irradiation.My study include research of immunological response to Radiation Toxins.Radiation Toxins can induce T cell and B cell activation and formation of immunological memory.Radiation Toxins possess and toxic and antigenic properties. Toxic properties of Radiation Toxins can be reduced after chemical modifications and Toxoid form of Radiation Toxins was used for elaboration of Antiradiation Vaccine.Antiradiation Vaccine and Antiradiation IgG preparation – antidote the most effective methods of prophylaxis, prevention and treatment for Acute Radiation Disease.My research involving study of T cell and B cell activation/regulation signaling and the functional studies of their antibodies . Specific blocking antibodies to Radiation Toxins reduce specific forms of hematotoxicity and neurotoxicity – two major forms of Radiation Toxicity.In addition specific antibodies blocking Radiation Toxins with endonuclease activity and prevent damages and DNA strand breaks after irradiation. So, Antiradiation Vaccine could be so-called Antiradiation Anticancer Vaccine because protect mammals from cancer induced by radiation. I also occasionally participated in study to treat patients with leukemia and different form of cancer and study the inluense and interactions between different forms of enzymes with tumor’s cells.Currently, I'm carrying out the work which is research and development the immune memory against physical factors such as heavy ion radiation and neutron radiation. I'm interested in developing of medical vaccines and antibodies preparations targeting tumor or virus-infected cells, or cells damaged by radiation.
In addition, I have been educated at the Kazan Medical School, USSR as a medical doctor and highly trained for the knowledge and skills in surgery, immunology, cell biology, radiobiology, neuroscience, clinical practice, software developing. My PhD study include development and elaboration of advanced technology for differential diagnosis, prophylaxis and treatment of Acute Radiation Syndromes and their consequences.
Postdoctoral Position is exactly the type of position that I have been looking for, and I am sure that I could successfully contribute to your teams' success.

After you've had an opportunity to review my CV, I'd like to set up an appointment to talk with you further about how my skills and experience could benefit your team. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 19052370137 or via e-mail at .
Thank you for your time and consideration.