Postdoctoral Research in Archaeology and Anthropology at UK

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Postdoctoral Research in Archaeology and Anthropology at UK

Postdoctoral Research in Archaeology and Anthropology at University of Cambridge, UK 2011

Applicants should have, or must be expecting to complete, a Ph.D. in Population Genetics, Bioinformatics or related field before they take up this position.

-A good knowledge of models, methods, and theory in human population genetics and working experience with genomic data bases is required.

-In addition, programming skills, experience with computer simulations and familiarity with analysis tools designed for genome-wide genotype and second generation sequencing data will be an advantage.

Scholarship Description: Department of Archaeology and Anthropology is pleased to announce a full time Research Associate Fellowship with the effect from 1 September 2011 or soon after that date.

The Research Associate would be funded by a grant from the ERC titled, An inter-disciplinary approach for identifying evolutionary active regions in the human genome.

The project involves research on the variation of human genome in populations from various climate zones. It will combine evidence from Humanities and Natural Sciences to build realistic models of population dispersals over the past 100 thousand years and using high-throughput genotyping and second generation sequencing methods will attempt to reveal regions in the genome that have been affected by natural selection due to environment and life style differences.

How to Apply: Online

Scholarship Application Deadline: 15th August 2011

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