Postdoctoral Position in STM/Nanoplasmonic at Sweden

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Amar Annamalai
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Postdoctoral Position in STM/Nanoplasmonic at Sweden

Postdoctoral Position in STM/Nanoplasmonic at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Previous experience with UHV-STM is a prerequisite.

-Strong interest/previous experience in nanooptics/nanoplasmonics is a merit.

-Our working language is English.

Scholarship Description: This postdoc position starts a brand new line of research – combination of scanning tunneling microscopy with nanoplasmonics for molecular-level sensors, magnetoplasmonics (magnetic + plasmonic materials), plasmon-enhanced photovoltaics and others where detailed nanoscale characterization and low-dimensional materials design are crucial.

Newly purchased UHV-VT STM machine will be available for the project that is specially adopted to work with light / nanoplasmonics.

The project will be also supported by our regular clean-room based nanofabrication and advanced optical characterization (optical spectroscopy and microscopy).

The project will be supported by a graduate student position. In order to improve the gender balance at the Department, we welcome in particular applications from female candidates.
How to Apply: Online or by Post
Scholarship Application Deadline: 2011-09-01

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