Postdoctoral Position in Small Animal Neuro Imaging Belgium

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Postdoctoral Position in Small Animal Neuro Imaging Belgium

Postdoctoral Position in Small Animal Neuro Imaging, University of Antwerp, Belgium
You are committed to give the best of yourself in your job. Having a ‘translational’ mind set is a bonus.

- You hold a doctoral degree in neurosciences or you are an MD with specialization in neurosciences.

- You have excellent knowledge on at least one of the following topics: neuro-degeneration, -regeneration, neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, (endogenous) stem cells.

- You have experience with in vivo Neuroimaging techniques preferentially MRI and BLI

- You have an excellent scientific CV, have good writing skills for both publishing and project writing.

- You are clearly a good team player, you are a creative and critical scientist. You have experience in coaching PhD students who will be under your supervision.

Scholarship Description: A full-time position as a post doctoral fellow in the framework of a new EC project on the interaction between neuro-degeneration and inflammation.

The contract is for one year and will extended up to 5 years depending on the performance.
How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: August 15th , 2011

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