Postdoctoral Position : Paris, France

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Postdoctoral Position : Paris, France


Université Paris Descartes offers postdoctoral positions on the following themes

1/Therapeutical Angiogenesis

Insufficient organ perfusion due to impaired neovascularization is an integral component of tissue remodelling and loss of organ function after ischemic injury. Therapeutic angiogenesis is viewed as a highly promising strategy to ensure revascularization of ischemic tissues by promoting the growth of new vessels or the maturation of pre-existing ones. The project aims to identify the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in post-ischemic neovascularization, using mouse models of hindlimb ischemia, and to develop cell- and non cell-based approaches to stimulate angiogenesis in order to improve organ function.

Candidates must have expertise in molecular biology.
Contact: Jean-Sébastien
Positions are for two years. Salary is competitive and includes health insurance and complete social coverage. Travelling fees will be reimbursed.

Requirements: The candidates must have a PhD in a relevant discipline with an excellent past record of achievement and less than 4 years of post-doctoral experience. Candidates graduated from Paris Descartes or working in Paris Descartes laboratories are not eligible.

Applications: Candidates interested in any one of these themes must send before 25 March 2011 to the researcher(s) mentioned as contact person(s) for the position a CV, a cover letter explaining one’s motivation to apply for this position and two letters of recommendation.

Expires on March 25, 2011