Postdoctoral position in Human Ecology

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Postdoctoral position in Human Ecology

Type of employment: Limit of tenure, 2 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: , Lund
First day of employment: 2011-06-01
Official Records Number: SPA 2011/125

The Human Ecology Division at Lund University has adopted an anthropological and trans-disciplinary definition of its research field. Research and teaching at the Human Ecology Division addresses human-environmental relations in different cultural contexts. The ambition is to combine perspectives from the social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities in the study of sustainability issues at the local and global level. Of particular importance is to complement natural-science and technological definitions of environmental problems by illuminating aspects such as culture, power, and global inequalities of distribution. Research at the division has thus addressed, for instance, ecologically unequal exchange, environmental load displacement, climate justice, the political ecology of indigenous populations, traditional resource management, and ethnobiology.

For further information please contact:
Magnus Jirström, Head of the Department
            046-222 97 97

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