Postdoctoral Position in Computational and Systems Biology

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Postdoctoral Position in Computational and Systems Biology

Mount Sinai School of Medicine offers Postdoctoral Position in Computational and Systems Biology, USA

Study Subject(s):Computational and Systems Biology
Course Level:Postdoctoral
Scholarship Provider: Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Scholarship can be taken at: USA
Candidates should have a recent PhD degree in a science, technology, engineering or medical field, and discipline and high motivation to pursue independent research in computational biology. Applicants are expected to have a solid background in programming and computational techniques, with a working knowledge of molecular biology and genetics being highly desirable.
Scholarship Open for International Students: No
Scholarship Description: A post-doctoral position is available in the group of Prof. Gaurav Pandey ( at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. The group focuses on developing and applying machine learning methods to build network and predictive models of biological processes from large genomic data sets. Some of the specific areas my group is currently focusing on are the modeling of the immune response system, prediction of breast cancer phenotypes, and the discovery of novel therapeutics, especially synergistic drug pairs. These are important but quite difficult problems that need constant computational innovations, thus making the problems very interesting from a computer science perspective as well. Our group is a part of the newly formed Institute of Genomics and Multiscale Biology ( at Mt Sinai. The Institute aims to revolutionize the field of genomic medicine by bringing to the table skills from very unorthodox disciplines (for biology), such as computer science, statistics, physics and high-performance computing. The faculty members of the institute, experts in all these areas, analyze very large genomic data sets to build accurate predictive models of biological processes and complex diseases, such as cancer, type-2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Being positioned within a prominent medical center such as Mount Sinai makes it feasible to bring the predictions and therapeutic discoveries from these models to the patients’ bedside, thus placing the institute in a very unique position.
How to Apply: To apply, send a CV, a research statement and three reference letters to

Deadline: Contact employer

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