Postdoctoral fellow in cancer biology, genetics, genomics

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Postdoctoral fellow in cancer biology, genetics, genomics

Job Description

A postdoctoral fellow position, supported by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the American Cancer Society (ACS), is available at the Division of Population Science, Department of Medical Oncology in the Kimmel Cancer Center, an NCI-designated Cancer Center at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. The research is to integrate the increasing knowledge of biological mechanisms of cancer development with current interdisciplinary strategies to develop reliable cancer risk and prognosis assessment models. Our study utilizes genetic/genomic aberrations, as well as biological and pathological markers such as sequencing-based genomic abnormalities as surrogates of cancer risk and treatment outcome, in order to achieve tailored cancer risk prediction and personalized cancer treatment based on specific genetic and molecular profile of individual patients.

Successful applicants are expected to have a doctor's degree in molecular biology, genetics, medicine, or epidemiology-related fields. Deep understanding and hands on experimental experiences on cancer biology are required. Experiences of the following areas such as genetic and genomic analyses of population-based biomarker studies, English writing skills in manuscript preparation, or statistics are a strong plus.

Successful applicants will have great opportunities to collaborate with a multidisciplinary research team in a highly collegial environment at the Kimmel Cancer Center. The access to a large collection of biospecimens from a number of cancer types (mainly liver cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer) in our lab will greatly facilitate the realization of promising novel ideas in the fields of cancer risk assessment, prevention, early detection, informed decision, and individualized intervention. Qualified applicants should send resume/curriculum vitae, and a brief summary of past accomplishments via email to: Hushan Yang, PhD, Division of Population Science, Department of Medical Oncology, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, 1025 Walnut St, Room 727, Philadelphia, PA 19107. Email: hushan.yang AT The Thomas Jefferson University is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Contact:      Hushan Yang
Medical Oncology
Kimmel Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA
United States

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