Postdocoral Research in Simulation and Emulation of Grid Conditions Denmark

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Postdocoral Research in Simulation and Emulation of Grid Conditions Denmark

Postdocoral Research in Simulation and Emulation of Grid Conditions for Testing Wind Turbines, Denmark


-PhD degree or equivalent in Power System and/or Electrical Engineering

-Background in power system and/or wind power technology and control

-Knowledge of grid connection of wind power plants

-Experience with real-time simulations, HILS and PHILS

-Proven programming skills for analytical and modelling purposes, e.g. Matlab

-Ability to work independently towards the research goals

-Fluency in communicating, reading and writing English
Scholarship Description: The Postdoc will contribute to the development of tools and methods for a grid emulator, which will be used to test wind turbines, wind power plants and drive trains under different grid conditions.

The grid emulator will be based on a large power converter, which will make it possible to emulate all kinds of grid conditions including frequency disturbances, phase jumps, unbalances etc. The main objective is the identification and specification of relevant grid conditions, i.e. test cases, methods, and computer hardware requirements for the grid emulator.

Starting from the investigation of the relevant test cases to be emulated, the research will first focus on numerical simulation of power system topologies.

The simulations aim at developing the necessary knowledge for defining the framework of wind turbine testing under emulated grid conditions. Based on the knowledge created through simulations, the project will investigate the different options regarding the hardware implementation of the grid emulator.

Here, the design of the control of the grid emulator plays a central role. Furthermore, real-time simulations may be relevant for defining the minimum level of hardware computing power needed to emulate the selected grid conditions.
How to Apply: Online
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 October 2011

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