Postdoc in Ecosystem Modelling

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Postdoc in Ecosystem Modelling

Effects of future increased precipitation variability on ecosystem functioning and services

The Ecosystems Programme (ECO) at Risø DTU offers a one year Postdoc position starting in August 2010.

The Project

It is well known that global averages of CO2 concentrations, air temperature will continue to rise. Response studies in terrestrial ecosystems have so far focussed on these average climatic changes. However both historical observations and projections of future climate indicate enhanced climatic variability, which will lead to possibly much more severe ecosystem response patterns. This Postdoc project will investigate past and future climate data for extreme events with a focus on altered precipitation patterns and evaluate this in terms of threads to terrestrial ecosystems.

The project will assemble re-analysis and future projections of climatic model driver data for two Danish ecosystem investigation sites (down scaling from climate projections from different scenarios). It will employ a dynamic ecosystem model for long-term simulation of carbon, water and nitrogen stocks and fluxes, using measured data for the climate manipulation heathland site CLIMAITE.  It will interpret the simulation results in terms of vulnerability of ecosystems functioning and services to climate change.

The project will take advantage of an outstanding set of biogeochemical and biological field data. The work is embedded in several national and international projects and will directly cooperate with the EU project, CarboExtreme, and the DTU Climate Centre. This enables close interaction with leading Danish and other European research institutions in the field of climate change impact research.


Candidates should have a PhD degree or equivalent with a solid background in atmospheric sciences and interest in modelling terrestrial ecosystems. We expect excellent communication skills, strong interest in data analysis and experience in computer programming, e.g. use of a fourth generation programming software (preferably R).


In the assessment of the candidates consideration will be given to

  • scientific production and research potential at international level
  • Innovative skills and the ability to generate new ideas
  • the ability to communicate at all levels such as the provision of scientific advice to public sector authorities
  • an all-round experience basis, preferably including international experience
  • the ability to contribute to development of the department’s internal and external cooperation


The ECO programme offers family friendly and pleasant working conditions in a team of internationally acknowledged Researche and students. The Danish Technical University (DTU) is among the leading European technical Universities and offers excellent opportunities for scientific networking and training.

Salary and terms of employment

The appointment will be based on the collective agreement with the Confederation of Professional Associations. The allowance will be agreed with the relevant union. The place of work is Risø DTU in Roskilde. The period of employment is one year with the posibility of an extension. 


We must have your online application by 26 July 2010. Please open the link “apply online”, fill in the application form and attach your application documents, such as short description of personal motivation and qualification, CV, publication list, addresses and e-mail of two references and copies of educational documents.

Applications and enclosures received after the deadline will not be considered.
All interested candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background are encouraged to apply.

Further information

Please contact Andreas Ibrom, +4546774177 or Claus Beier, +4546774161. Read more about the Biosystems Division and Risø DTU at

Details to apply online :