Post-Doctoral vacancy in Physical/Chemical Oceanography : Norway

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Post-Doctoral vacancy in Physical/Chemical Oceanography : Norway

The Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC, was established in 1986 as an independent non-profit research foundation affiliated with the University of Bergen. The Center is based on project funding, but receives basic funding from the Norwegian Ministry of Environment through the Research Council of Norway. The Center has extensive collaboration with international partners, including the Nansen Group of international research centres in Russia, India, China, South Africa and Bangladesh. It is an active research partner of the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research (BCCR) and the Centre for Climate Dynamics (SKD) at the University of Bergen, together with Uni-Research and Institute of Marine Research.
A two-year post-doctoral position (with potential extension) in physical/chemical oceanography is vacant at Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center (NERSC) in the GC Rieber Climate Institute. The position is within the project ‘Ventilation age and remineralisation rates in polar and sub-polar regions as an indicator for climate change (VENTILATE)’, funded by the Research Council of Norway. In addition to the NERSC, VENTILATE also involves scientists from Uni Research AS, University of Bergen, and Institute of Marine Research all insitutions located in Bergen.
Project description
VENTILATE aims to increase our understanding of the relationship between the oceanic carbon cycle and physical processes in the ocean, and how this relationship is affected by the anthropogenic climate change. Using a combination of observational data and model simulations, VENTILATE will study physical and biogeochemical processes of importance for the anthropogenic carbon uptake and its transport to deep in the Nordic Seas and the Arctic Ocean.
The applicants must hold a PhD in oceanography, biogeochemistry, or related disciplines and are expected to have experience in numerical modelling (experience with MICOM is preferred) and programming. In addition, the applicants should have good skills in analysing model output data (e.g. water mass analysis, statistical analysis). Technical qualifications include excellence knowledge of Fortran programming language and analytical software such as MATLAB or R.
Additional information
Earliest starting date: 1st September 2014.
The salary follows the standard rates from the Research Council of Norway.
For further information, contact Helene R. Langehaug (
For more information about NERSC, please refer to
Application deadline: 20 of May 2014
Please send your application with CV, your publication list, and the contacts of three references by e-mail to the following address: with copy to Helene R. Langehaug ( Include in the subject line “Application for a postdoc position in physical/chemical oceanography”
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