Post-Doctoral Positions in Epigenetics

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Post-Doctoral Positions in Epigenetics

Post-Doctoral Positions in Epigenetics : Irvine, CA, United States

Post-Doctoral Positions in Epigenetics

The Center for Epigenetics and Metabolism (CEM) of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) (, and KEEP, the KAUST Environmental Epigenetics Program (, have recently established a partnership to study how the environment influences and regulates epigenetic control.

Studies include the deciphering of the epigenome and the fundamental mechanisms that allow the understanding of complex phenotypes in relation to biological adaptation, nutrition and metabolism, neurosciences, tissue regeneration and cell reprogramming. In particular, applicants should have the competences and interest to contribute to research projects aimed at understanding the epigenetic regulation of neuron-glia metabolic coupling.

The opportunity for post-doctoral fellows is to develop research within collaborative programs between the CEM and KEEP, spending time in either or both institutions depending on the proposed study. Positions are for two years with the possibility of extension, including highly competitive salary and benefits.

Principal investigators with whom post-doctoral research can be conducted are
Pierre J. Magistretti and Valerio Orlando (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology;, and Emiliana Borrelli and Paolo Sassone-Corsi (University of California, Irvine;

Evaluation of applications will begin February 28, 2015. Please include CV, a statement of research interest and names of three references with their detailed information. Please send applications to Catherine Cao (CEM, University of California: and / or Dillon Fritz (KAUST: