Post Doctoral Fellowship - Small peptide signalling in cotton fibre develop

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Post Doctoral Fellowship - Small peptide signalling in cotton fibre develop

Job Description

    Excellent development opportunity

    Targetted career advancement plan

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Applications are invited for a two and a half year Postdoctoral Fellowship to investigate the role of small signalling peptides in cotton fibre development. The successful applicant will work as part of a small team of researchers using genomic, biochemical and functional genomic techniques to understand the complex molecular regulation of cotton fibre cell differentiation on the seedcoat epidermis of an agricultural crop of importance to Australia. A greater understanding of that regulation may allow the development of novel strategies for enhancing the yield of fibres from this crop either through selective breeding or via gene technology.

This project will assist a small research team discover and functionally characterise potential small peptide genes that may be part of the regulatory network controlling cotton fibre differentiation. This will involve bioinformatic analysis of available microarray, proteome, deep sequencing transcriptome data and cotton genome sequences, expression analysis in different tissues, genotypes and mutants to identify candidate small peptide encoding genes expressed during early fibre initiation and then their functional characterisation either as synthetic peptides or as gene constructs in both transient and stable transformation assays to assess their activity in fibre differentiation and any molecular interactions with genes within the fibre development regulatory network.

Specifically you will:

    contribute to an active cotton fibre development research program;

    develop innovative molecular and analytical tools, experimental designs and techniques;

    actively engage in communicating experimental plans and results with national and international collaborators;

    publish findings in international scientific journals;

    help build CSIRO’s research reputation for integrated and multi-disciplinary science.

Location:    Black Mountain (Canberra) ACT
Salary:        AUD78K - AUD85K plus up to 15.4% superannuation (pension fund)
Tenure:       2.5 year term
Ref No.:       ACT13/00558

To be considered you will hold a PhD (or will shortly satisfy the requirements for a PhD) in plant molecular biology or related scientific disciplines.

You will also have:

    the ability to define, investigate and solve complex problems in plant biology using diverse established experimental procedures;

    sound knowledge and research experience in modern molecular methodologies;

    the ability to analyse complex biological information and make independent decisions;

    the ability to work independently under minimal supervision while contributing to overall team performance;

    good communication skills and the ability to publish results in scientific journals.

Owing to terms of the fellowship, candidates must not have more than 3 years of relevant Postdoctoral experience.

About CSIRO:
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CSIRO prefers all applications to be lodged via our online careers portal ( Choose “Positions Vacant” and search for Reference Number ACT13/00558

Applications close Sunday 7 April, 2013 (11:30pm Canberra time AEST)
Contact:      Dr Danny Llewellyn
Plant Industry
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory (ACT) 2601
Phone:  +61 2 6246 5470

Deadline:Sunday 7 April, 2013

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