Post docs in immunology, bioinformatics and epigentics

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Amar Annamalai
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Post docs in immunology, bioinformatics and epigentics

We aim to develop methods to identify diagnostic markers for individualised medicine in T cell associated diseases by combining genomic, bioinformatic, functional and clinical studies. This is done in the context of an EU project led by us ( This has resulted in several publications, including journals like Nature Genetics. Our work is based on combining systems level studies of microarray data from different T cell associated diseases, with functional and clinical studies. We have focused on allergy, but have started collaborations in other immunological diseases as well as cancer. Our research group consists of international post docs and MDs with expertise in genomics, epigenomics,immunology, bioinformatics and network biology as well as clinical researchers.

The group members have published in top speciality journals like J Allergy Clin Immunol and Plos Comp Bio, as well as general journals like Genome Res and Nature Genetics. The post doc positions will entaill immunological, epigenomic and bioinformatic studies of T cells, based on microarray studies of cells from patients as well as in vitro polarised cells. The aim is that your work will result in publications in good journals (impact > 8) as first author as well as co-author. Our work is part of an emerging new discipline, systems medicine. Despite its clinical orientation and a great demand for clinical results from major funding agencies, there are very few clinically oriented projects in this discipline. By joining our group you will gain a unique research profile that is likely to be very competitive both for an academic and an industrial career.

Past members of the group has received an EMBO long term fellowship, a fellowship at Cambridge as well as a position at Astra Zeneca. Your work will also be disseminated through a new large-scale EU project, in which we are part of the leadership ( The project aims to implement systems medicine in clinical research and practise. You will receive an monthly scholarship of 2360 euro, which is taxfree but without social benefits. The position is for two years, and requires a PhD in a relevant field and good references, as well as publications. Please send your application with a half page letter explaining why you want to apply to CIMed, a CV and a publication list at the latest March 15, 2013

Deadline: March 15, 2013

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