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Post Doc Stability

Post Doctoral Research Associate -- Molecular Biology / Virology
This role presents an exciting opportunity to join the Manufacturing, Science and Technology team (MSAT) at AstraZeneca's Supply Biologics site at Speke, Liverpool, the newly created global centre of excellence for Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine (LAIV) Research, Development and Manufacture.
Working within the Virology team you will be part of a highly specialised research team undertaking seasonal and pandemic influenza vaccine development.
This 2 year post-doctoral position will investigate the relationship between Influenza haemaglutinnin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA) sequence and LAIV stability. The project aims to identify genetic signatures or mutations in the HA and NA of LAIV strains that influence viral acid and thermal stability. The effect of HA and NA mutations on thermal stability, viral fusion pH and morphology will be investigated and linked to changes in viral phenotype and structural changes in HA confirmation. The effect on infectivity and host adaptation will also be examined. This work will not only shed light onto improvements in vaccine shelf life but also onto factors influencing host adaptation, transmission and pathogenesis .

Education: A PhD with significant focus on molecular biology / virology
Essential experience to include:

  • Demonstrable experience of Molecular Biology and or virology in an academic or commercial research laboratory setting.
  • Molecular techniques: cDNA cloning, PCR, plasmid preparation, DNA sequence analysis, DNA transfection, RNA and protein analyses.
  • Virology and Cell Culture techniques: virus amplification in mammalian cells and embryonated eggs, fusion assays, plaque assays, TCID50 and HA assays
  • Immunological assays: ELISA, HAI and neutralisation assays
  • Experience with influenza reverse genetics and rescue systems highly desirable
  • Experience within a Virology setting would be advantageous.
  • Familiar with Microsoft office programs and DNA sequencing analysis software.

Deadline: Friday, 4 April 2014

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