Post doc Pharm Tech 2011@ University of Copenhagen

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Post doc Pharm Tech 2011@ University of Copenhagen

Post doc Pharm Tech 2011@ University of Copenhagen

Job description

This multidisciplinary project is related to the innovative field of drug formulation development, with the aim of delivering significant enhancements to solid-form screening strategies applied for selection and optimization of pharmaceutical solid forms.

The project team combines expertise in laboratory-based experimental solid form screening (Prof. Jukka Rantanen, KU FARMA) with contemporary computational and structure-based approaches for exploration and understanding of molecular solids (Prof. MSO Andrew Bond, University of Southern Denmark, SDU). This project is funded by The Lundbeck Foundation.
Qualifications required

The candidate must have a strong background in solid state analysis of matter, preferably with a background in structural and computational methods used for explaining the functionality of solid state pharmaceuticals. We are looking for a dedicated and skilled individual who is able to work both independently and collaboratively in an international research group.

The successful candidate is scientifically creative and has a strong ambition to achieve novel scientific goals. Furthermore, the candidate has a basic idea of the drug development process, as well as a desire to contribute to the development of new technology platform solutions for related activities.

Supervision of MSc and PhD students on a daily basis, in addition to other teaching obligations, amounts to approximately 10 percent of the workload.

Applications should include the following parts:
Application cover letter indicating motivation +
1) A current curriculum vitae
2) copies of relevant diplomas
3) A complete list of publications indicating articles relevant to the position, including copies of these articles (max. 5)
The parts must be clearly labelled with the above mentioned numbers.

Deadline for application: Monday, 10 Oct. 2011.

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