Opening For Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of Sussex

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Opening For Postdoctoral Research Fellow - University of Sussex

A post-doctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of Leon Lagnado in the Neuroscience Centre at the University of Sussex, to study the synaptic basis of information processing in the retina of mice. We are equipped very well for all aspects of circuits neuroscience, including electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and molecular biology. The project will make use of transgenic mice expressing fluorescent reporters of synaptic activity to investigate processing of the visual signal, with emphasis on the role of inhibitory interneurons. The laboratory is housed in newly refurbished labs and is part of Sussex Neuroscience (
Applicants must have a Ph.D and research experience in experimental neuroscience. Experience in visual neuroscience or the analysis of neural circuits would be a distinct advantage, as would skills in one or more of the following areas: electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging, viral vectors or computer programming. More about the laboratory and our previous work can be found at:
Enquiries should be made to Leon Lagnado ( Please include a CV and a brief statement describing why you are interested in working with us on this topic.
For full details and how to apply see